How do I create an account?

New to Bright and don't know where to begin? Follow these simple steps to create your account and begin taking sessions!

To begin, you will need to locate your team. What we mean by 'team'? This is our way of asking who provides your Bright Pass - whether that is your workplace, your school, or if you've bought an individual pass. 

1. Visit the link you were provided from your workplace, school, or from the email we've sent you.

(a) Once you're at your company's or school's page, click on Sign Up.

(b) If you're unable to locate that email or link, visit and fill in the name of your company or school. Click on Add once you've found the correct team.

2. A pop up will prompt you to login or register. You want to choose 'Register' at the bottom of the pop up:

New Create Account


3. Follow the steps to create your profile. Once you've completed your profile, you will be able to book and attend sessions.